Kent Valley Figure Skating Academy

Kent Valley Figure Skating Academy was created to provide new, exciting opportunities so skaters can now decide what path they would like to pursue. Helping to bridge the gap between Learn to Skate and private lessons, the Academy offers a wide variety of small group classes for skaters to try and find what they are most passionate about! 

KVFSA Programs

All KVFSA programs are segmented into an 6-week series on either Tuesdays or Saturdays. To register for these programs, skaters must have passed through Basic 6 or have received prior authorization from KVFSA or KVIC staff. Members with KVFSA receive a discount on these classes. Non-members may still take part in these KVFSA programs. 

Theater On Ice

Ice Theater is a unique category of figure skating that connects a storyline through choreography, jumps, spins, and dance in a group dynamic. In this class, skaters will learn to express themselves by utilizing the four major themes that are necessary for any theatrical performance: joy, using the body as an instrument, travelling through space, and rhythm. Teams typically consist of 8 – 30 skaters. Theater on Ice combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement and thrill of a show.

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Free Skate

The KVFSA Free Skate program lays the foundation for all figure skating. This progressive 7-level curriculum incorporates all the skating skills, transitions, spins, and jumps that create a complete figure skater. It is at this point where a skater can develop the more advanced skating groundwork and decide to pursue a recreational or competitive figure skating career.

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Ice Dance (Currently Unavailable)

Ice Dance is a program that teaches skaters the eloquent intricacies of ice dancing. Through six different comprehensive levels, our KVFSA instructors teach all the complex components, from basic edges to turning with music. Skaters learn the detailed movements that create grace and style in performances that are a spectacle to behold.


Artistry In Motion (Currently Unavailable)

Artistry in Motion is a structured step-by-step program designed to introduce figure skaters to choreography, presentation, and performance. This is the beginning of Artistic Education for figure skaters. While our instructors underline the importance of upper and lower body control, this class also calls for a certain amount of creativity by allowing students to create their own style in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Academy Classes Series Options

Please Note: Artistry In Motion is only offered on Tuesdays and Ice Dance is only offered on Saturdays. Freeskate and Theater On Ice are offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Artistry In Motion and Ice Dance are currently unavailable. 

Tuesday Class Schedule 2020

  • Sep. 8th - Oct. 13th
  • Oct. 20th - Nov. 24th

Saturday Class Schedule 2020

  • Sep. 12th - Oct. 17th
  • Oct. 24th - Nov 28th

Kent Valley Ice Centre Figure Skating Pros

Paul Askham

-Coaching Director
-World European Olympic team member
-Four times British Senior Ice Dance Champion
-Coach to Senior Regional, Sectional, and National championship skaters
-Cocah to international level skaters
-World Professional Champion
-Coach to USA National solo dance Champions
-Principle skater for Holiday on Ice

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Janusz Mckinnon

-19 years competitions experience.
-Regional champion.
-Sectional and national competitor.
-Performed for 12 years with Disney On Ice.
-Performed 2 years in the Sun Valley On Ice show.
-Over 20 years coaching experience with  all levels.
-Gold Medalist in Freeskate and Moves In The Field.
-Novice pairs test
-USFSA and PSA certified

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Hiroe Kakisawa 

- Skated competitively for 15 years. 

- Japanese National Novice medalist.

- Novice international competition medalist in Zagreb, Croatia. 

- Japanese National Senior level skater.

- Represented team Japan internationally.

- 2002 “Junior Grand Prix Skate Canada” team Japan member.

- Professional skater for “Royal Caribbean” cruise ship Ice cast. 

- 6 years with Disney On Ice.

- Coaches all ages and levels. 

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