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Learn How to Ice Skate

If you've always wanted to learn to skate, look no further than the group ice skating classes at Kent Valley Ice Centre.  Our Kent, Washington, ice rink offers fun and fitness for the entire family with programs for skaters of all ages and abilities.  With our fun and safe courses, we promote physical fitness, teach correct skating techniques, and help you develop coordination, strength, and balance.  Space is limited, so click the link below or call our office (253) 850-2400 to book your spot today

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If interested in Learning to Play Hockey, please visit our Hockey page.

Next Series Options

• Tuesdays, July 9th – Aug. 27th (Eight weeks)

• Saturdays, July 6th – Aug. 24th (Seven weeks)
No Class July 13th

                                                           List of Classes

Beginner Classes:
(Tue @ 6:00pm or Sat @ 10:30am)
• Snowplow Sam 1 & 2 (Beginning Tots, Ages 4-5)
• Basic 1 & 2 (Ages 6-8)
• Basic 1 & 2 (Ages 9-14)
• Adult 1 (Beginner)
Snowplow Sam 1-4
Class Descriptions
Basic 1-6
Class Descriptions

Advanced Classes:
(Tue @ 6:30pm or Sat @ 11:00am)
• Snowplow Sam 3 & 4 (Advanced)
• Basic 3 & 4 (Intermediate - All Ages)
• Basic 5 & 6 (Intermediate - All Ages) 
• Free Skate 1-3 (Advanced - All Ages)
• Free Skate 4-6 (Advanced - All Ages)
• Adult 2 (Advanced)
Pre-Free Skate - Free Skate 6
Class Descriptions

Hockey Classes:
(Saturday @ 10:30am and 11am)
• Hockey 1 (Beginner)
• Hockey 2 (Beginner)
• Hockey 3 (Advanced)
• Hockey 4 (Advanced)
Class Descriptions

Price Information

Each eight-week series costs only $162.00 (+ $10 if register day of first class) and includes one 30-minute class each week on Tuesdays or Saturdays, admission to the public session after each skating class and a certificate showing you completed our program. The prepaid skate rental is $26.00.

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Stay Healthy

Skating is more than just a fun pastime; it's also a great way to get in shape.  Ice skating builds endurance, strengthens muscles, and increases flexibility while burning around 250 to 810 calories an hour during a recreational session and 450 to 1080 calories an hour during a competitive session.

Skates On Ice

Preparing for Your Lesson

We recommend you dress in warm, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.  Dress in layers, so as you warm up, you can remove your top layers and still stay comfortable.  Helmets are highly recommended for children 6 and under as well as first-time adults.  Be sure to arrive early to each class to give yourself plenty of time to get your skates on and meet your teacher a few minutes before the class starts.

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